The Auction: Owning the Paradoxes of Coinbase

Welcome to the Coinbase NFT auction page. Below, you'll see the three NFTs created as part of our work. This represents a collaboration between The Generalist and Visualize Value. All illustrations were created by Jack Butcher.

The written work encapsulated in "The Paradoxes of Coinbase" represents the efforts of Jill Carlson, Ryan Todd, Katherine Wu, Lex Sokolin, Michael Sidgmore, Ellie Frost, Max Heald, Marc Rubinstein, David Wei, Adam Draper, Ian Kar, and Mario Gabriele

Please enjoy the pieces.


This piece tells the story of Coinbase's rise in tandem with bitcoin. In a matter of minutes, the viewer understands how the company ascended from wonkish misfit to a global behemoth.


Crypto has always been a place for believers. The creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto summarizes that in the quote below. Coinbase has embodied this ethos.

The Generalist would like to thank Mint Fund and the $BOUNTY backers for crowdfunding and coordinating the development of an opensource version of reserve auctions, implemented by Billy Rennekamp.

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